Windella Farm The Fixer


The Fixer is your go-to remedy for dry, cracked & rough skin. Think hands, heels, elbows, knees & lips; any area that needs a little extra love to get back to being silky smooth & soft. With the staying power of Lanolin, healing power of Calendula infused Olive Oil & premium Shea Butter & Mango Seed Butter, this salve will whip your skin into shape in no time. Scented with the goodness of Peppermint, Rosemary & Lavender essential oils, it smells amazing too. 55g.

Directions: Apply a small amount to dry, cracked skin as needed. Store below 30c. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Ingredients: Lanolin, calendula infused olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, mango seed butter, essential oils of lavender, rosemary & peppermint, rosemary antioxidant.

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